Special Project: Portraits of Love Studies

Special Project sketch #1, Chris and Jacob

I’m so excited to announce this Special Project.

To participate, just e-mail me a photo of your kid, beloved animal, or you with your child or animal sharing a lovely moment together. (Your photo will be kept private, and only used as a painting reference.)

The first time I did a project like this, 11 years ago, it focused on moms and babies. This time it is open to a wide interpretation of parental love – dads, grandparents, pets… Surprise me.

If I paint from your photo, the painting will be available to you for $300, shipped framed and ready to hang on your wall (but no obligation to purchase).

That is less than my regular portrait pricing because these paintings do not follow the regular portrait process.

Did you come here to learn about commissioning a portrait? Click here for my collector-centered portrait process, pricing, examples and info.

Special Project: Portrait Of Love Studies – Details

  • Style: Loose, fun, gestural color studies
  • Size: 8×8 or 8×10 inches
  • Materials: artist quality oil on canvas
  • Price: $300 framed
  • Worldwide shipping included

Other Important Info

  • I may not be able to paint from all the photos I receive
  • I will respond to every email! If you don’t see a response within a day, please check your spam/promotions folder
  • Photo sender will get first dibs, before the painting becomes available to the public (possibly at a higher price)
  • Paintings will be displayed on a Portraits Special Project web page on this site, and may be incorporated into a book when I reach my goal number of portraits

I really want to get the word out about this great project so I can paint 100 portraits! So, I’ll be doing a drawing and 3 people will win great prizes. Please tell your friends!


What makes a photo great for painting?
Candid photos, and photos with good light are better for painting from. Photos with 1 or 2 people or animals are best.

Copyright Info
Only send photos that you have taken yourself, or that your family has taken and can give me permission to work from. No professionally taken photos (unless you’re a professional photographer and you took them).

  • You give me permission to paint from your photo.
  • You will maintain the copyright of your photo – which I will not display or share.
  • I will own copyright of the painting(s), and sole right to make reproductions.

Share your painting all you want on social media! Please tag me @jessierasche or link to the project https://jessierasche.com/portrait-project/

Painting from the Mom Loving Project. In private collection.
Painting from the Mom Loving Project. In private collection.

Painting from the Mom Loving Project. In private collection.
Painting from the Mom Loving Project. In private collection.
The first “Mom Loving” portrait, painted 11 years ago – in artist’s collection.