Process and Fees

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Every portrait Jessie Rasche paints is unique, but the process is similar for each portrait. The process is designed to facilitate the creation of the best possible portrait, and to make the process enjoyable and stress-free for the collectors. The video below shows a portrait painting coming together. It starts with sketches, shows the rough-in phase through the final touches.


First, I visited with the client and took a couple hundred photos of the young woman interacting with her horse. Then I searched through the photos looking for ones that captured their personality and relationship.

After discussing layout options with the client through email, I created 5 sketches for her review.

The client visited the Rasche Art Studio to see paintings of different sizes, to help her decide on the right portrait painting size for her.

Then the painting began! I sent images to the client at every stage of creation, so that she would be included in the process. 

Finally, the painting was personally delivered to a happy collector! 



Portrait Fees

11 x 14 inches        $760.

16×20 inches        $1,300.

24×30 inches        $3,000.


Travel and shipping are additional. Prices are for portrait paintings of one or two people or animals. Additional people (or animals) are an additional charge.


Sketches start at $150.

Miniature paintings start at $300.




Other types of portrait paintings.

I take a limited number of portrait projects besides parent-child portraits, or portraits of people and/or animals bonding.

If you have other portrait needs, contact me to discuss.

Corporate portraits are more work, and they are more expensive.

Corporate portrait pricing

11×14        $2,280.

16×20        $3,900.

24×30        $8,500.

Travel not included.



Love it Guarantee

I hope you will love your painting, and that it will bring you joy for decades to come.

I put my heart and soul into all of my paintings, and so far, all of my collectors have reported that they love their paintings when they are complete. If, however, you are not happy with your portrait painting, let me know and we can talk about whether or not some changes to the painting would make you love it. I’ll either make changes or refund the payments you have made beyond the non-refundable deposit.

I want each collector to love their painting, and will do what I can to make sure that happens!