Playing In The Dirt

Playing In The Dirt / 6 x 8 in /oil on linen

I wanted to capture the beets as they come out of the garden – dirt and all. What do you think?

Thank you Heidi for giving me these beautiful beets!

I’ve been limiting my pallet lately in a new arrangement – ultramarine blue, quin red, and lemon yellow (for the most part). I’m usually drawn to the warm colors on my pallet, so I’m surprised that I just love this color combination.

2 thoughts on “Playing In The Dirt”

  1. Oo! I really like this. Nice, and particularly with such a limited pallet. I like the casual scruffiness of them, fresh from the ground.
    (I’m a huge fan of the beets, too, for their own colors, the beautiful rings when you cut them, and of course their flavors, greens and all!)


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