Portrait artist paints Pink Love – figurative painting by Jessie Rasche

Update: I’m saving this painting for my upcoming show at CHASE gallery.

mom and baby in love

Pink Love / approx 10×8 in / oil on canvas

6 thoughts on “Portrait artist paints Pink Love – figurative painting by Jessie Rasche”

  1. you have beautifully captured the protective, but gentle love of a mother for her child. This is such a well painted piece of art.

  2. I was really love the painting “Pink Love” the picture it self captures the bond and moment of love and security she has of her baby. Im writing an inference paper and i wanted to use this and i was just wondering if you could give me an insight of how you felt when painting this picture and why did you paint it? the color? its due wedensday i know this is short notice but it would really help.

    • Hi Marie, Thanks! I love seeing moms bond with their babies out in public. I love seeing people go into their own blissful world… With this painting I also was really drawn to the way the light fell across the pair, and the beautiful cool colors in the shadows. Thanks for writing about me! You can credit the painting with “Jessie Rasche” or “Jessie Rasche, https://www.jessierasche.com“. And please feel free to email me if you have any specific questions: art at jessierasche.com. Good luck on your paper!


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