Painting Mentorship

Embracing a Painterly Style

A supportive mentorship course for artists.

ABOUT THE MENTORSHIP COURSE: You’ll learn and practice foundational issues at your own pace, and explore your personal style in a supportive environment. And through that, you’ll gain knowledge and confidence, and enjoy art making!

$24.99/mo. Cancel any time.

WHAT I BELIEVE: Anyone can improve their painting skills. You just need determination, good direction, and encouragement! You bring your determination, and this course will provide the direction and encouragement.

This course is for beginning to advanced artists. Start from where you are. If you’re just getting started or have been painting for years, I’ll help you grow your skills. We’ll advance together!


  • Composition
  • Using value intentionally
  • Limiting and expanding your palette
  • Setting up your painting for a strong start
  • Planning a painting for success
  • Exploring your style
  • And so much more!

You will be encouraged you in your quest to grow and flourish as an artist! 


  • Monthly live 3-hour lesson, with a break in the middle and Q&A time. (Join live on zoom, or watch later at your own pace – or both!)
  • Weekly zoom Q&A / office hours (questions can be submitted in advance or live).
  • A Facebook group where you can ask questions and get answers.
  • Suggested homework
  • Monthly critique (if desired)

MY COMMITMENT TO YOU: I will teach lessons with you in mind, and will get back to all of your questions. I want you to enjoy this course and to help you become the artist you want to be. Lets do this together. 

  • I will answer every post. 
  • Give kind, constructive suggestions.     
  • Help you with areas you need help in. 

This is an investment in you! 

This course is being offered at an introductory price of $24.99 per month plus tax! You cannot even take one art class for that! 


$24.99/mo. Cancel any time.




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