Painting distance, and meeting Gov. Dennis Daugaard

I’m working on this large painting of cows next to the water for an upcoming show (part of the Herd series), and I’m so excited about how it’s coming together. These cows live on the NE edge of town in a pasture with a beautiful river running through. I’d love to hear from anyone who knows more about these cows or farm!

The grasses are very beautiful as well as the cows and the river. Sometimes the grass can have a quality of being both red and green at the same time – from the purple ground and pink fronds, with green grasses in between. I love trying to capture that idea of opposite colors together, as simply as possible.

I’m planning to let this dry and then come back and smooth over the water so that it’s a nice vacation from all of the texture above.


I love the way these cows reflect on the water, and I love how expressive they all are.

cow painting, by RascheThis is the same farm that I painted in After the Bath (sold).


And in other news, I was very honored that my husband and I were able to attend dinner at the South Dakota Governor’s Mansion with Gov. Dennis Daugaard, first lady Linda Daugaard, and the lovely, wonderful staff of the South Dakota Arts Council last night!

It was a dinner celebrating the Art in State Buildings program, and there were artists from across the state. It was great to see artist friends, meet new artists, and visit with the people at the SDAC who really encourage the arts in South Dakota. I appreciate SDAC so much! South Dakota is incredibly supportive of the arts and of working artists.

It’s probably not easy being married to an artist, so being able to take my husband to something special like that meant a lot to me.

If you’re in Pierre, SD, or you travel through there, check out the beautiful collection of art . We got to tour the part of the collection in the Governor’s Mansion and to see the new works made using copper from the capitol building’s roof, which was really cool and beautiful.


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