Orcas Island IV

“Orcas Island IV” –  24 in x 36 in –

I’ve been working on some larger oil paintings the last couple weeks. This is the last one to start and the first one to finish. It’s based on Orcas Island II, but I wanted to explore the pink colors more. There’s a really nice glow to the trees on the right. All those shapes in front of the near island are sail boats. Can you see the ferries in front of the more distant island?

2 thoughts on “Orcas Island IV”

  1. I love this painting Jessie! You really captured the subtle light of the islands…I also like the way you give only enough information for the viewer to get the overall sense and feel of the scene…Well done!

  2. Thank you Robin! Your comments mean so much to me – you’re a wonderful artist. (I think this is my best landscape so far…)


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