Orcas Island V

“Orcas Island V”
6 in x 8 in, oil on wood
Jessie Rasche

On our last day of vacation we went to the big park on Orcas. You can drive up to the top of the hill/mountain, walk a little ways up a steep incline to a tower on the edge of a cliff, way way up (it was too foggy to see how far up we were), and then climb up to the top of a tower and look out to the end of the earth. I have a slight fear of heights and had an adrenaline overload by the time we got back down to water level. But it was beautiful and magical. The fog rolled in and out, giving the place a mysterious, other-worldly feel. This is a painting of my guys walking ahead of me up to the tower. I wanted to capture that sweet hand-holding.

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