Portrait artist paints “Oranges and Dahlia” flower painting (SOLD)

Oranges and the Dahlia
5×7 inches, oil on gesso board, unframed

In my last post the big white dahlia (I think that’s what this flower is) was the star of the show. In his one I wanted her to blend in with the snow outside the window. Both are shown below. What do you think?

I’ve been inspired by Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting to experiment with painting medium. I have a bottle of Linseed oil, a can of odorless mineral spirits, and a bottle of Stand oil (from Utrecht). I started out with about 50/50 OMS and Linseed oil, with just a little Stand oil for thickness and have been adjusting to get the mixture just right.

IMG_2412 copy Oranges and Dahlia-rasche

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