Portrait artist paints Orange Starts and personal notes

I got some good starts and maybe a finish yesterday. The top painting I set up like a plein air painting – trying to catch the changing shadows on oranges sitting by a North-Western window as the sun was setting. Frantic painting and then…. the sun was gone. I really like the colors.

The lower painting is “Peeling”. This one really kicked my butt. It went through a lot of changes. It felt really good to do, though. I’m getting back into the rhythm of painting daily and am starting to think about painting all the time – which for me is one of the biggest benefits of painting daily.

BUT, I am so INSPIRED! I realized yesterday what I want to make my next many small paintings about. I can’t write it down or my steam will disappear. But I’ve already started my next painting. I’m in that head-place where I could spend 40 hours strait in the studio, and I love it. Hope you like where i’m going with my paintings.


3 thoughts on “Portrait artist paints Orange Starts and personal notes”

  1. “Sketch drawer”! That’s a great idea, Jessie! Mind if I steal the concept?

    How do you like working on gesso board, as compared to canvas surfaces? It’s really different, isn’t it? Weird, to go back and forth.

    Congrats on your inspirational flow!!

    • Please do use that idea!

      I like gesso board a lot. i like that it’s so smooth. But it’s a little unforgiving… I like switching things up though, but I’m not sure why.

      • I find it unforgiving, too! I’ve been having more luck with it if I liberally coat it with tinted gesso to start as an undercoating. Gives it a more absorbent (?) toothiness, I think. But, I’m using acrylics, not oils. And glazing rather than your direct, spontaneous application.

        Have you tried Aquabord for watercolors, yet? Kind of tricky, but I’m loving it (for acrylics, again). You do want to wet it down thoroughly, as they say, and as I keep forgetting. 😛

        Thanks for the “sketch drawer” idea! I’ll give you credit, but call it something else, so searches don’t get confused. 😉


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