One year celebration! (Contest for free painting)

This art blog has been up for a year now! To celebrate, I’m going to give away a small painting (shipping included).

Everyone who signs up for the newsletter, becomes a Facebook fan, or leaves a comment (one entry per non-spam post) between now and May 1st will be entered to win a small painting. I’ll post later and let you know which painting will be the prize. There might be a couple to choose from.

Email with any questions.

Best Wishes,

2 thoughts on “One year celebration! (Contest for free painting)”

  1. Glad I read today’s North Side Voice…. Congratulations on your beautiful website. It is really a joy to see your work. I could fill my entire home with what I’ve seen here. But…. will you branch out to larger pieces? Prices? I’ve never bought art (OK, my husband trades services for Les LePere pieces occasionally), but I’ve become impressed with local creators. I’ll be keeping my eye on this website.

    • Hi Lisa, thank you for the nice comment and questions. I have been working on a larger scale recently (30 in x 40 in, and 24 in x 36 in), which is why my posts are so much less frequent… For prices, I’m sending you an email. Also, if you subscribe to the newsletter (right hand column of blog) you’ll hear about my end of summer open studio sale.


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