Portrait artist paints a Swan Gourd and Apple


“Balancing Act”
8 in x 6 in, oil on wood

Here she is again, in primary colors. That’s a little red apple on her head (from the box of apples our friend Ananda gave us from her orchard). The gourd is actually sitting on top of a duck-shaped cookie cutter, sitting on it’s side, to keep the gourd more or less upright. I played with the background a bit, so that it has a watery effect but you can see a window behind the apple. Hm!

This is the same gourd from yesterday, of course, but she’s getting more impressionistic today as I am getting more familiar with her.

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2 thoughts on “Portrait artist paints a Swan Gourd and Apple”

  1. Hi Jessie! Been catching up on my fellow bloggers…..I really like the bold brushstroke and rainy day feel of this little still life. The “Swan” gourd has a pleasing shape and the red of the apple pops with it’s reflected light.

    Just curious, Do you think your vision problems are helping keep your painting impressionistic?

    Nice work!

  2. Thank you Robin!

    Maybe. Now I really know what it looks like to blur my vision to see the shapes and colors, which is great (I’m off the all-the-time dialator, so my vision’s back to not-blurry now).


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