Monochromatic Paintings

In Silence, 11×14, oil on panel

We had so many different types of snowy weather over the winter. On the day I captured the references for the painting above, there was a little bit of snow in the air, making the landscape fade as it receded. I thought these cows looked so beautiful out in the snowy fields. 

These three paintings are getting ready to head down to SouthWind Gallery in KS for next month’s show. The cow painting, In Silence, I’m planning to do a larger painting of shortly. I’ll bring out the lovely subtle coloring. 


Grackles in Flight, 11×14, oil on panel

These grackles have been playing in the pine trees outside all week. They are so fun to watch! I love their joy and loveliness. 

For all three of these monochromatic paintings, I mixed up a big pile of dark paint, and just used that and white to paint with. This painting leans toward green. There’s sort of a camera / optical illusion where the sky looks blue, but in the actual painting it’s green-grey. Fun, right?


Robin Connection, 11×14, oil on panel

Birds are everywhere! The ground is warming up and robins are playing around outside. This one has so much personality. I painted her while looking through the window… .

Here’s a close up of Robin Connection. I love the surface texture on this painting. 

I hope you are having a great Spring! 


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