portrait artist – Mom Loving Project, portrait #1. (#3352)

I am excited to post the first “Mom Loving” portrait. This baby is looking into his mom’s eyes with such adoration.

SOLD. approx 5×5 inches, oil on wood. Email to submit photos for this project.

We’re almost done moving my painting studio upstairs. Sunday and yesterday I had things set up enough to paint in there. Yeah! I worked on my big painting of scoter birds floating together – it’s getting close. I’ve got a bunch of brushes soaking in Murphy Oil soap (thanks Carol Marine!), and my computer desk is rearranged to be a great painting table. A clean start feels good.

4 thoughts on “portrait artist – Mom Loving Project, portrait #1. (#3352)”

  1. Every time I see a new piece of your work, I marvel at it, thinking it is the best one yet…Until the next one I see! This is truly amazing, such sweet eyes! You have simply captured the innocence and love of that little baby, even the cute little button nose! I think you should capture this one for prints before it goes to its new home. I’d sure buy one!
    Ann Thompson

  2. Thank you Rebecca, Jonni, and Ann! Your comments mean so much to me!

    Ann, regarding the prints, absolutely. I’ll put up details soon.


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