Portrait artist paints a mom and baby in “Inhaling”

Inhaling / 12×12 in / oil on canvas

I love the way the mom is holding and kissing her baby here.

A note from Paige:

“This is one of my favorite pictures of my first baby, Nora, and me. It may look like I’m kissing her on the head, but what I’m really doing is secretly inhaling her sweet baby smell and covering it up with a kiss. She may not smell like a baby anymore, but I will never forget moments like that.”

Thank you Paige!

Mom Loving 3 (#3358)

6 thoughts on “Portrait artist paints a mom and baby in “Inhaling””

  1. i know exactly who this momma and baby are and i just LOVE how you have painted them!! Jessie, you are so incredibly talented!!

  2. This is lovely. I think my favorite of the Mom Loving series so far. I can just feel the downy soft, warm head on my lips, and smell that special baby smell, with that heavy, soft baby warmth snuggled against my heart.
    (And it’s not even my baby!)


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