Minneapolis Landscape and Portrait Experiment Update

I’ve started on the study/sketch phase of a large commissioned Minneapolis landscape painting, which I’ve very excited about.

About a month ago when I was in the cities I took a bunch of photos to work from and narrowed them down to the ones that I thought would best convey the collector’s wishes, and would work with my artistic vision. They chose one of the source photos and shared their hopes, and last Friday I started in on sketching and studies. Once I started painting it became clear that even within the confines of a single source photo, there are so many choices about what to bring focus to and how to do that.

This is a just a piece of the painting. I don’t want to share too much before the collector has had the chance to see this. 🙂

minneapolis bridge painting

And here’s another picture of this painting of my guys. I’ve actually started two paintings of them and am doing a little experiment. With this painting I’m only painting in person when I can get them to sit – and with the second painting, I started it in person and am finishing it in the studio with photo reference. I’m seeing how much the colors and values change before they’re complete, and what other differences I see in the painting results. Some of the differences are already becoming apparent, and it’s really interesting!

south dakota farm painting

I’ll be doing the drawing for the 2 winners of their choice of the following prints in just a couple days.  (And the people who referred them will also receive their choice of the below prints.)

I’ve been periodically doing a drawing to give a gift to a newsletter subscriber for about 9 years so far. It’s pretty fun to give back to you guys for encouraging and supporting me. If I could think of something I could give to all of you, I would! Ideas welcome!

I’ve got a new page for farm paintings. If you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think. 

minneapolis bridge painting

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