Midwestern Blue Grass, oil painting of hay bails and fields.


“Midwestern Blue Grass”, available at SouthWind Gallery (785) 273-5994. They ship.
8×12″ oil painting on canvas by Jessie Rasche

It’s been a busy few weeks. This painting and three others are on their way to the SouthWind Art Gallery in Topeka, KS. It really feels good to have paintings packaged up safely and on their way. And my studio is 1/2 way fixed up the way I want it. It’s a beautiful space; I’m just turning it into a painting studio by taking off the wallpaper border and taking down the deep shelving and putting up narrow shelving for small paintings and open areas for big paintings… Below is a section of the wall that’s done. Now I need to get some new paintings to the Pam at the South Dakota Art Museum – thank you for carrying my paintings, Pam!



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