Flower painting. Minnesota and South Dakota flower paintings.

I have had a long-standing love of flowers in their declining days. These flowers are at that stage and it has caused them to relax around each other. They look to me like they would love each other with their last breath.

I’m having a completely retro month! All the things about this that are inspired by paintings I’ve found in my studio cleanup:

1) Painting on gessoed wood. Good grief a lot of paint was sucked up! But on the bright side the pallet knife was super fun and useful on this surface, and brush strokes have a very different and prominent effect.

2) Lemon yellow has officially made a comeback on my pallet. 🙂 I’m starting to get the hang of how to not let it take over.

3) I primarily used a 3/4″ paint brush and pallet knife for almost the whole painting.

4) It’s a still life painting in the window, with the focus on the light shining through.

5) The painting was available on Ebay.

Please let me know what you think of my current art direction.



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