Light Through the Window. Minnesota and South Dakota portrait paintings.

Light trough the Window | 16×20 in |oil on canvas | (nfs) Portrait Commission Info

Were there any good pranks in your life yesterday?

My son got me with his first really effective April fools prank. He’s 7, so in the past they’ve been cute and sweet, but this one really got me good. Heath’s in for it when he gets home, so I can’t spill the beans in case he reads this – but it involved a nice little bit of coding on my son’s part, a few seconds of panic (for me), a lot of laughing (both of us)… And I’m very impressed (as I often am).

About this painting: Some of my paintings just come straight together Alla prima (painted all at once), but once in a while I’ll spend weeks or months living with a painting and making changes until it says “I’m done.” This painting is one of those… I started it a few months ago and you’ve seen a couple progress photos. Finally yesterday I decided it needed some simplification and clarity about the light source, so I got rid of the stripes in his pants and made the bottom of the lit area of the couch a more clear shape, and made the whole light area blue… and made Otter’s shadow more of a cartoon shadow, as a nod to the Calvin & Hobbes book being read. What do you think?



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Happy Birthday Dianne H.! 

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