Last Dance – oil painting of irises, and a warm green

I listened to an interview with Quang Ho while I was painting these wilting irises. And that inspired me to think about why exactly I paint. Maybe it’s the kind of question where the question itself is more important than the answer?

Anyways, this painting started yesterday as a depiction of one of my favorite things – flowers that have ‘lost their bloom.’ And an exploration of a fun composition. But today it turned into a challenge to see how warm I could make that green, and how cool…  And I did really find some interesting (to me) things – with soft edges and hard edges. I’m not sure if it’s done.

As always, I very much appreciate your comments, and when you take the time to share my work with your friends.

Last Dance / 6×6 inches / oil on gallery wrapped canvas – ready to hang. / January Painting Marathon ptg #18 / available at


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