Impressionist Cowgirl in Flag, and life drawings (nudes).

Cowgirl in a Flag, 14 x 11.

This woman was in the Fourth of July parade, which has been a big source of painting inspiration for me. I love all the color and texture, and you know I love painting horses.

One thing I’ve been working on for the last few years is pushing my brush strokes to have more drama, subtlety, and variation. With this painting I wanted to explore some real brushiness, and some strong mark-making. I’m letting my inner impressionist come out with this one.

Last night I went down to Sioux Falls for life drawing. I love life drawing, but don’t show those works very often. Thanks for the request, Gretchen. These are just a couple details. Click the drawings for the full images.

Nude, 90 minute sketch
Nude, 7 minute sketch.



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