landscape paintings of the Highway

“Highway” /16X20 in / unframed /oil on canvas

Dusk colored landscape. Good news for me: the opthamologist said that I will get my eye-sight back (in about a month), so right now I’m trying to take advantage of being un-burdened by details. This picture is all about the colors. And I hummed “Life is a Highway” the whole time I painted. Good stuff.

Oil on stretched canvas, 16″x20″.

Tis has a similar pink to my ocean and seagull painting.

2 thoughts on “landscape paintings of the Highway”

  1. What fabulous news!! Sounds like you’re keeping a good attitude about it in the mean time.
    I love that song, which is now going through my head! The painting is lovely, and reminds me of my former home in northern California. *sigh*


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