SOLD. Geese

SOLD. This is the largest painting I’ve finished recently. Right now I’m working on a couple more paintings in this series. It’s fun working so large for a change. I can really see the value of doing more large paintings, and also of doing more small paintings. I think one educated the other…

(I’ve changed one thing since taking this picture – I’ll post a revised image later.)


4 thoughts on “SOLD. Geese”

  1. Just found your site via another one (I was attempting to find a good paper mache recipe for a project). A lovely painting.

  2. Jessie,
    I opened your blog on my page, and when I tried to link with the paintings to comment, I kept getting a Gator error message stating the the link or the site was never there? Just thought you should know that some of your fans might not be able to get through.
    Ann Thompson


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