Portrait artist paints a young woman

Last night I went to the life drawing group. I painted the model there for 2 hours, and then finished the painting at home this morning – which usually is a very bad idea but worked well, i think, this time.

Gaze / 10×8 inches / oil on gessoboard

To purchase, email contact the artist with the name of the painting you want. If you enjoy this painting, please consider sharing this post with your friends.

3 thoughts on “Portrait artist paints a young woman”

  1. Good title!
    Hubby and I were reflecting on how intense an artist’s gaze can be while creating. He used the word “predatory”, and yeah, I think that fits. I wonder if the model was sort of reflecting all that intensity of gaze surrounding her.

    • That’s really interesting. The model was partly reclined, and by the time I had the painting blocked in she was struggling to keep her eyes open. That’s why her brows are so high…

    • Xan – thank you for the art card! Everyone should check out Xan’s artwork – she has beautiful dog (and people) portraits.


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