Garlic In Nature

Today I wanted to try painting garlic again with natural light from the sun. I chased the shadows – if felt a lot like plein air painting.

I’ve been playing with ‘mixing white’ lately, which is a transparent color. It’s fun to use, but I end up using a LOT more paint. Can you tell how thick the paint is?

5×7 inches / oil on gessoboard / January Painting Marathon #7 / learn more about paintings of fruit and spices here. 

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10 thoughts on “Garlic In Nature”

  1. Beautiful! Working in whites is indeed a challenge. I’ve never heard of “mixing white” but have heard of zinc white which is transparent. I wonder how similar they are?

    • Thank you Nancy! I haven’t used zinc white, but I bet it’s the same. I’ll have to get a small tube and test it out. It is so much different from using titanium white!


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