Friends – the journey of a small painting

Here’s a little behind the scenes story about Friends.

I really, really want to exhibit with the American Impressionist Society again, so I decided to put my best effort towards that. Since most of my recent work is tied up in shows, I decided to make a painting specifically for this exhibit – so that whether I get in or not, I’ll know I put my best effort forward. 

I sorted through all my figurative source photos and chose one of some women at an outdoor art fair last summer. I spent several days painting it, and even did a “draw with Jessie” looking closely at the woman’s hand to sort out how to simplify it. 

In the end, I set that first effort aside (I think I’ll let it dry and then crop it down to the part I really love…). 

Then I started fresh. Before painting I lightened up the shadows in my source material and noted all the things I loved and hated about the first painting. And then, as I painted, for some reason she just really wanted to look right at you (she’s not doing that in the source photo). 

Now this painting will sit in the “held” area of the studio waiting to see if it can show with my art heroes this year. 

Anyways, that’s the journey this little painting has taken so far… 

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