Frame Refresh

I have a collection of imperfect frames that I’ve collected over the last couple decades, and I’ve started the process of refreshing them to make lovely custom frames for a few pieces!

I’ve started off with half a dozen frames that don’t look gorgeous on their faces, but have lots of potential to be floating frames. Above is the first one I really like. Here’s how the transformation happened:

  1. Step one, flip.

2. Sand. I used several sandpaper and sanding block coarsenesses to remove the sheen and some of the paint.

3. Prime. I used some strong primer I had around from another project.

4. Have some fun with it. I tried different paints on some of the other test frames, but with this one, I sanded it a little and some great texture started to reveal itself – so I added another layer of primer, then sanded again, added another layer, sanded again… and it looked pretty awesome. So I tried it out with Warmed by the Sun, and it seems like a great match.

What do you think?

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