Flower Painting Marathon has begun!

Hi, I’m teaching a painting workshop next month, and to get prepared I’ll be paining flowers every day between now and then. Here’s the first one!

Lily, 6″ / 15cm square, available. Learn more / purchase. 

I’m taking out my first portrait painting ad in a print magazine. Just a local magazine, but still very exciting for me. In preparation I gathered the portrait related paintings I have around my studio (this is just a small percentage of what came together. The one on the lower left was the first painting I made just of my son. It’s called “red car” – only a little ironically.). The big portrait on the upper left you’ve probably seen a few times. It’s the largest portrait I’ve done so far, at 22×30″, and is about halfway done. And that’s my Wyoming painting lower center and a rooster above it…

There were many more people paintings in my studio that I just love, but I finally settled on a couple portraits that I finished recently that really touched me…

If you recognize yourself or your loved one above, I hope it makes you smile!

Thanks so much for your interest and support over the last 9 years since I took the plunge into full time fine art!!


On a side note, I wanted to give a shout out to my mom. If you’re a crafter or know someone who is, my mom is a self employed sculptor and youtube personality. She has these great patterns for paper mache animals. They’re really nice and start at a couple dollars. Check her out at UltimatePaperMache.com.

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  1. I love these flower arts. They are amazing! I can see lots of creativity in it. I would love my niece to be a part of the workshop and to learn this skill. I bet she’ll be so good at it.


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