Farm Paintings and Landscapes

Paintings celebrating the land, farms, and animals of the prairie. Farm paintings painted en plein air and in the studio. Farmland in South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas (and some of the West Coast). Your comments and questions are welcome.

Farm Painting "Space"
Space, 25 x 60 inches, in public collection at Edith Sanford Breast Health Center in SF, SD.

My farm paintings are based on the farms close to home. Our home in South Dakota is surrounded by beautiful farmland and prairie land, and I am often inspired by the cow farm to the West of us or the grain farm to the East. And when I have a certain theme for a landscape painting in mind, I sometimes drive hours from home to capture just the right source photo of a group of cows or beautiful farms and silos.

I am most passionate about painting the connection between animals and the land, and between people and the land. Because of this, often in my paintings, the animals subtly blend into the land or each other. This is one of the ways I explore our interconnections.

One of the visual elements that I explore with my artwork is the depth and diversity of color of the farmland. How the grasses can have patches of blue grass, bright green grasses, and sometimes beautiful amber or orange. I use these layers of color to show the depth of the land here.

Back in Washington, there were a lot of trees and mountains, which are gorgeous. Here in South Dakota and Western Minnesota there so much more sky, and the land in many places has a vastness.

I hope these paintings bring you joy and peace.