Enjoying the Waves

“Enjoying the Waves” 30 x 40 inches, oil on canvas. Contact me for information.

You’ve probably noticed that I really enjoy painting birds. Painting the Scoters was harder than painting crows or geese, for some reason. These birds are just having a good time floating around. I guess they’re surfers.

I’ve been seeing a lot of geese and wild turkeys lately around here. The wild turkeys are nothing like the domestic ones – they look like peacocks to me (without the color).

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2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Waves”

  1. You captured the water color perfectly – not an easy task!

    Thanks for following my blog – I’m not sure how to follow yours, but I am following you on twitter and ‘liking’ your facbook page 🙂

  2. Thank you Lynne, I looked at so many reference photos and mucked about with that water color quite a bit, trying to get it to look like a bump rather than a wave… So thank you.


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