Did you receive your Collector Newsletter last night?


If you have ever purchased my art in any form, ever, and did not receive your extra special thank you email last night, please email me and let me know! I was terrible at keeping track of collectors for the first several years of selling art. It’s a cardinal sin, I know!

Here are all of the January Painting Marathon paintings shown together: http://jessiesfineart.com/specials.html.  Today is the last day to purchase January paintings at the special price.

Thank you to a wonderful repeat collector in Spokane, WA for purchasing “Clippings” and a new artist & collector in Ireland (!!!) for purchasing “Happy Smells!”

Yesterday I painted and painted and then wiped… Oh boy. I probably won’t get a chance to post a painting today – School was canceled because it’s cold. Freeze your buns off cold. MINUS 40 degree with windchill. So I’ll be busy playing legos! 🙂   (apparently no amount of cold is too cold for hockey practice tonight though!)

So here is a non-marathon painting of a Warm sunny day in Seattle, WA! framed-kite2

Kite 2 / 6×6″ / oil on linen

To purchase, contact me with the name of the painting you want, and payment preference (secure PayPal invoice, check or payment plan). I will get back to you right away. Thank you for viewing my Art. If you enjoy these paintings, and haven’t already, please consider signing up for Jessie’s e-newsletter.

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