Portrait artist paints a “Cuddle Nap”

SOLD. Cuddle Nap / 8×6 in / oil on linen
Mom Loving Project #13 of 30.
Available paintings of people: http://jessiesfineart.com/people-painting.html.

That photograph was taken right after we got home from the hospital with baby Joe, so he was two days old. I was tired, but SO happy to be home with my baby. And I never wanted to put that baby down. And he never wanted to be put down, either, so that worked out well!  My husband took this photograph, so I also love the expression in my face, which was so loving towards him as well as happy with my baby. It doesn’t hurt that Joe is the spitting image of his father, so it’s like a small version of my husband’s nose peeking out from the swaddling cloth. It was a special moment.” -Inder

This mom and baby look so content.

One of the really fun things about this project is that I feel like I know the models by the time the paintings are done. Or maybe just something about them at that particular moment. This scene reminds me of when my son was that age – I loved the cuddle-naps.

By the way, the prize for the 100 FB likes drawing was sent out to Xan; she chose the car and can painting.

That worked out so well, there will be another drawing for a free painting when I get to 200 FB likes!

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MOM LOVING PROJECT: This is a little different from a commission, as people submitting photos are not necessarily purchasing the paintings. If you want to participate in this project, email me with your photo(s). And if you think (or know) you will want to purchase the painting, please put that information in the email.

I am really excited about my “Mom Loving” portrait project: a series of 30 small paintings (6×6 – 6×8 inches) of moms loving and bonding with (holding, nursing, sleeping with, snuggling, carrying, etc.) their babies and young children. The best paintings will be published as part of an art book in 2011. You can also, optionally, suggest a short statement (around 35 words and/or your name(s)) that you’d like to appear next to the painting when it’s published in the book and on my blog.

Moms / Dads / the person submitting the photo will have the first opportunity (but no obligation) to purchase their painting.

For this project I am looking for candid-looking photos, and especially ones that have good light (outdoors with light from the  side or side/back is best)  and are good enough quality to see some details, and which are taken far enough away that most or all of the mom and child are in the picture. With that said, I’ve received a couple fuzzy and very close up pictures that will work nicely.

These paintings will be in my impressionist / modern realist style. See: http://jessiesfineart.com

If you’d like to participate and submit photos for this project, email me. If you have several photos from the same time, send them all – that makes it easier to paint. Thanks!

[By submitting a photograph for this project, you’re agreeing that I will own the copyright on my paintings, but of course you will retain the copyright of your photographs.]

Any questions, comments or suggestions appreciated!!

1 thought on “Portrait artist paints a “Cuddle Nap””

  1. Very sweet!
    I know what you mean about feeling as if you’ve grown to know your subjects while working on the painting. I get that feeling with my pet portraits, too. It’s a very intimate thing; your face right in theirs, staring into their eyes, feeling the moment so that it can come through into the painting. This one is really lovely.

    Oh, and thanks again for the fun little painting! I still can’t believe I won it! 😀


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