Cow Paintings – paintings of the cows of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Washington state.

I paint cows because I think they’re lovely and being around them makes me happy. I hope these cow paintings make you happy, too! Shop with confidence, and let me know if you have any questions. – paintings of the cows of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Washington state.

I love how cows relate to each other out on the prairie. There is a sweetness to them that anyone who has spent time with cows remembers fondly. They have a beautiful grace. As you can see, I love painting cows.

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Here you’ll find paintings of black, red, white, and spotted cows – some are dairy cows, and some are beef cows. Some are on dirt, but most are out on the grassland either spreading out or grouped together. I love the way cows can form patterns out on the grasses, and enjoying the abstract quality of them.

This large cow farm painting has a lovely atmosphere. It depicts a South Dakota farm with cows enjoying a chilly morning.

Two of the paintings shown above (paintings of the cows on Nebraska); There are two paintings in this series. One is now in a public collection, and the other is available through a great gallery in Minneapolis, MN. 

Holstein, red angus, American Brahman, Brown Swiss, and in the future, American Longhorn.

south dakota cow painting exhibition

Above: Solo Exhibition at Bates Trimble Gallery at Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center, Sioux Falls, SD, 2020.

Hi, I’m artist Jessie Rasche. I love animals. We have 2 dogs at home, both full of character. And the birds, cows and horses right around us bring me a lot of joy. When collectors have told me that my paintings bring that sort of joy and sweet feelings to their walls, I consider that the highest praise.

I have always loved the feeling of being around cows, but now that we live in South Dakota, on the edge of a college town, I see them every day. Our neighbors a few houses down have cows, and until this year when the development of the town has pushed the cows off the field I see from my studio, I could paint cows just looking out my studio window. Now I need to go a couple miles down the road to find a lovely herd, but they’re still close enough to feel like neighbors.

I am blown away by this painting and we will treasure it forever. Thank you so very much for this.
-Teah (Wisconsin) 

Here’s Otter, one of my sweet studio assistants.

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We got the painting! And we LOVE IT! It’s wonderful. Thank you so much.
– Inder (California)

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Just a quick note to say the painting arrived safely – definitely the best packing job I have ever seen.  The painting is fabulous, even better than expected.  Thanks so much for sending it off so quickly and safely.  Cheers! Kathleen

Cow Paintings
Cows are such gentle creatures out in the field. I love to paint them and capture their community, their softness. I hope that being around the paintings will have some of the soothing effect of being around the animals. With cows especially, I love to paint them in groups, and to capture that sense of being part of a group and also an individual.

Art collectors in over 30 states, Canada and the UK have purchased her portraits and paintings for their homes and offices, and her work is in several public collections.

Jessie, I just got the painting and it is beautiful…. I love it. The best Christmas Eve in a very long time. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Cinzia

Paintings are my way of describing the connection I have with the land and animals around me. I hope my paintings will resonate with you, and give you a feeling of joyous connection. 

Paintings with red dots are sold. Paintings without prices showing are in exhibition. Contact me for more info on any of them.

Cow paintings within the South Dakota landscape.

I hope you feel the soothing energy of cows through these cow paintings, and that this artwork bring you a feeling of joyous connection.

More About the Artist
“Jessie is an American Artist, based in South Dakota. She specializes in oil portraits of children and landscape paintings filled with animals. Her brushy, painterly style expresses a love of the material as well as the subject matter, and is inspired by Contemporary Realists as well as the Impressionist and Classical movements of the past.”