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this page includes the Herd collection which traveled to several art venues in South Dakota and Minnesota – as well as other paintings of grazing animals (cows, sheep, and horses).

Paintings of Horses

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I paint cows because I think they’re lovely and being around them makes me happy. I hope these cow paintings make you happy, too! Shop with confidence, and let me know if you have any questions. – paintings of the cows of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Washington state.

I have always loved the feeling of being around cows, but now that we live in South Dakota, on the edge of a college town, I see them every day. Our neighbors a few houses down have cows, and until this year when the development of the town has pushed the cows off the field I see from my studio, I could paint cows just looking out my studio window. Now I need to go a couple miles down the road to find a lovely herd, but they’re still close enough to feel like neighbors.

I love how cows relate to each other out on the prairie. There is a sweetness to them that anyone who has spent time with cows remembers fondly. They have a beautiful grace. As you can see, I love painting cows.

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Here you’ll find paintings of black, red, white, and spotted cows – some are dairy cows, and some are beef cows. Some are on dirt, but most are out on the grassland either spreading out or grouped together. I love the way cows can form patterns out on the grasses, and enjoying the abstract quality of them.

This large cow farm painting has a lovely atmosphere. It depicts a South Dakota farm with cows enjoying a chilly morning.

Two of the paintings shown above (paintings of the cows on Nebraska); There are two paintings in this series. One is now in a public collection, and the other is available through a great gallery in Minneapolis, MN. 

Holstein, red angus, American Brahman, Brown Swiss, and in the future, American Longhorn.