(Cold Noses) What It Means, happy cows, large cow painting

What It Means, 24″ x 36″, available.


I started this cow painting a couple years ago. It was based on some photos I took and a smaller painting I made of these cows relaxing on a chilly day. I loved the yellow sky and the blue and gold snow… The sky in South Dakota is often suprising and beautiful.

The small painting, btw, was called Cold Noses, and was printed in South Dakota Magazine and sold through the South Dakota Art Museum – Thanks!

Anyways, What It Means got started a couple years ago, but I had to set it aside and live with it for a while before finishing it. I had to think about what I wanted to say in this larger painting that I hadn’t already said in Cold Noses. Finally this week I realized that it could be a narrative painting, about the emotions and relationships. I pushed my painting pretty far with a lot of pallet knife use and calligraphy in the trees…

Here’s a close up of a happy girl enjoying some good company and a nice view.

Thanks for looking!

Best Wishes, Jessie

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