Contemporary Artists

Artist Friends

Thank you to the artists listed below for sharing in this journey of being an American artist-entrepreneur. Over the last 10 years, it’s been great developing an online friendship.

Ultimate Paper Mache – This is my mom. She’s a sculptor working in paper mache clay. Check out her wonderful art and tutorials

Robin Weiss – Robin is a great impressionist plein air painter working in the pacific northwest.

Carol Marine – Carol was one of the first artists to exchange links with me. It’s been fun watching her grow into an online powerhouse.

Lisa Daria Kennedy – is a daily painter with a beautiful colorful abstracted style that I just love.

Laurel Daniel

Contemporary American Artists that I Admire

All images are by written permission from the artist.


I hope some of these artists are new to you, and bring you joy! They have been so inspiring to me.

  • Carolyn Anderson is a loose impressionist master painter. She is bold and minimalist in her brush strokes. Her paintings take very enjoyable work on the part of the viewer, as she leaves a lot un-described.

Style:  Impressionist
Subject Matter: Figurative
Location: Montana

  • Douglas Fryer is an amazing modern douglas-fryerrealist painter. His landscape paintings make heavy use of the pallet knife. He has a mesmerizing combination of photo realism and complete abstraction.

Style: Abstract Realism
Subject Matter: Landscapes, figurative
Location: Utah

  • Quang Ho is a modern realist painter, quang-hobut works in other styles as well. His work is complex, strong and compelling. I have his painting DVD, and his genius is inspiring.

Style: Realism, but is willing to work in different styles

Subject Matter: Figurative, still life
Location: Colorado

  • Stan Miller is a great realist watercolor painter. I was able to take a workshop from him several years ago and loved it. He has a unique way of using stan-millercomposition and abstraction that is lovely.

 Style: Realism
Subject Matter: Figurative, landscapes
Location: Washington State

  • Robin Weiss is a fantastic plein air painter. I love his use of robin-weissvalue and color, and especially how he captures beautiful subtle temperature changes in his shadows.

 Style: Modern Realist / Impressionist
Subject Matter:  Landscapes, still life objects, animals and people.
Location: Washington State

  • Qiang Huang is an impressionist painter with a very painterly style. His main focus is light, and as a physicist he really understands how it works. He is also a delightful person.

Style: Modern Realist / Impressionist
Subject Matter: Still Lifes, landscapes and people.
Location: Texas

  • Michael Workman‘s style is style is “contemporary traditionalism”.
  • Tibor Nagy