Coming Home 3

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“Coming Home III”
12 in x 18 in, oil on wood
Jessie Rasche
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This painting is my attempt to capture the wild, dramatic clouds that were over Eastern Washington most of our drive home a couple weeks ago. It was really lovely and awe inspiring to see.

The last couple days have been really rough, painting wise. I spent 2 days before today working on this painting… yesterday I started sketching and sketching to get my values and shapes right, and got a sketch I really liked. So this afternoon followed my sketch very closely, and it came together nicely. I started by wiping off about 2/3 of the painting. I really like the nice glow that the gesso-ed wood gets when day-old paint is wiped off, so that was a good start. And while painting I mostly worked on keeping my values straight. I’m really happy with this one.

Eastern Washington landscape painting (Cloudy Sky SERIES)(#3328)

1 thought on “Coming Home 3”

  1. Beautiful, it was worth the trouble! I love the diagonal paths from lower right hand corner up through the sky, nice job!


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