Color Mixing Primer (free 1-hour online lesson)

impressionist chicken painting by south dakota artist

Color Mixing Primer
Friday May 20

10-11 AM Central Time (US and Canada). (It may go longer if there are a lot of questions)

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The workshop is for anyone who asks “How do I mix that color?”

There will be a presentation about important color-mixing concepts and terminology, as well as practical “how to mix” information. I’ll simplify color mixing down to its most basic and useful information.

Topics will include

  • how to mix lovely colors from a limited number of paints
  • what colors to put on your palette
  • why you get brown when you’re trying to mix purple
  • what is a “colorful grey” and how to mix it?
  • what is a “warm blue” and why is that important?

The ideas are helpful for any painting medium, but the demo will be in oil paint.

Bring your color mixing questions!

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