Color Mixing Primer (free 1-hour online workshop)

Friday May 20
10-11 AM Central Time (US and Canada).
It may go longer if there are a lot of questions.

Register HERE

The workshop is for anyone who asks “How do I mix that color?”

There will be a short presentation about how to mix using just primary colors, and another related method.

Topics will include

  • how to know what to mix to get a bright green, orange, or violet
  • what to mix to get a lovely grey or brown
  • how to tell if you have the colors you need on your palette

Mixing demo will be in oil.

There will be ample time for your color mixing questions!

Register HERE

This workshop is designed as a free resource for my upcoming “Dive into Color” summer workshop but is open to the public.

2 thoughts on “Color Mixing Primer (free 1-hour online workshop)”

  1. This is exciting. I’d love to join you, however, since I’m not a painter nor artist I’m thinking I’ll leave that spot for someone who is. I MAY check in before deadline and IF there are still spots open, I’ll pop in. I’ve seen your work and it’s wonderful. Congratulations.


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