Portrait of barista. Minnesota and South Dakota portrait artist.

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About the painting

I’ve been off sugar for almost a month now. When my son and I drive down to Sioux Falls, sometimes we stop at the drive through coffee shop on the way; he gets a muffin and I get a 1 million calorie coffee drink. So this week when we were heading out of town, he asked if we could stop at the coffee shop, and when I was ordering his muffin I realized I could still get a plain old black coffee as a treat. This adorable barista suggested that I could get a sugar free marshmallow flavored 2% latte which a month ago would have sounded revolting, but this week it was wonderful.

I wish I’d asked her name for naming this painting, but I didn’t so it’s “Coffee Angel.” Can you see from the painting how joyous I am about that coffee she made for me?


Painting Lessons

Q  Tell us about your painting lessons. Will you have them on the Internet ?

A  Thank you Augusta for asking about my painting lessons! I would love to teach small groups of 4-12 adult students in a casual supportive environment, at my studio, where I would help the students achieve their painting goals. I would give painting tips, suggestions, and live demonstrations of relevant painting and drawing concepts, in order to help students move forward with their artistic vision. Bring your own supplies and painting subject (or I will have a still life setup). For price I’m thinking somewhere around $10 for advance signup, $12 otherwise, for 1 1/2 hours on Saturday mornings at 10 or 11am. For individual lessons, the price would be more like $15 for a 45 minute lesson. I would be open to online teaching through Skype if it seems like that would be of value to you.

What do you think? I’m open to suggestions and want to make this desirable for at least 4 people!

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