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In Progress – Nebraska Cows, 40×40, oil.

Last weekend I had a whirlwind trip to Topeka, KS for an art opening.

Because of the recent snow melt & flooding, there were a few detours, the most beautiful of which was in rural Nebraska. On the way back I made sure to take the same side roads and stopped for a lot of source photos. The painting above is based on some of those. I love the subtle coloring, and the rugged land and animals… Having that many hours just to think – and seeing the beautiful landscapes – gave me some clarity about where I want to go with my big show this November. You’ll be seeing more paintings like the one above. 

The opening was lovely.  

Here is the new owner of SouthWind Art Gallery, Janet Paduh (left) and me (right), in front of Spring Wildflowers. You can see all my SouthWind art here. Here’s Horse and Tree… 

Art Supplies

I am now a Utrecht affiliate! I’m super excited. This is where I have been buying most of my art supplies for the last 10 years, so it’s pretty nice being an affiliate. 


I use a limited palette, and really like the Utrecht artist’s grade oil paint. It’s a nice consistency and the quality seems good and it’s priced reasonably. Here’s what I use:

Quinacridone Red

Cadmium Free Yellow Light

Cadmium Free Red Light

Yellow Ochre

Burnt Umber

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue

Titanium White


This post has gotten 375 likes so far on IG – that’s the most likes I’ve ever gotten on  a post.  Thanks! 

Have a great week! And if you are in a place with Spring right now, enjoy it extra for the rest of us. 🙂 


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