Pink Ladies

Pink Ladies / 6″ x 6″ / oil on linen / See Available Still Life Paintings

I love the color of these apples, and the way the tangelo reflects off of them.

Yesterday I delivered the print for the 150 FB fan giveaway (the first time a local person has been randomly selected). That was fun! And today I’ll do the drawing for the 200 FB fan giveaway! I’ll be doing another giveaway when I get to 500 FB fans, so let your friends know!

Portrait artist paints a “Flower Canopy”


“Flower Canopy”
12 in x 18 in, oil on wood
A happy yellow painting. The color of the wood table came out really nicely. This is the same gourd from last week, of course, but in a still life this time.
SPECIFICS: 12x 18 inches, original oil still life painting on wood, unframed. Painted by Northwest artist Jessie Rasche in 2009.

SHIPPING: I will package your painting with care and mail it within 3 days of purchase (or within one week if still wet).

Please email me with any questions. Check my blog for new paintings: Comments are welcomed (at the blog).

Portrait artist paints a Swan Gourd and Apple


“Balancing Act”
8 in x 6 in, oil on wood

Here she is again, in primary colors. That’s a little red apple on her head (from the box of apples our friend Ananda gave us from her orchard). The gourd is actually sitting on top of a duck-shaped cookie cutter, sitting on it’s side, to keep the gourd more or less upright. I played with the background a bit, so that it has a watery effect but you can see a window behind the apple. Hm!

This is the same gourd from yesterday, of course, but she’s getting more impressionistic today as I am getting more familiar with her.

Comments are welcomed.

Portrait artist paints a yellow swan gourd, Rasche


“Yellow Swan Gourd”
7″ x 5″
Available in my Etsy store.

I was feeling silly and painted this yellow and green swan shaped gourd on top of a bright orange polka-dot cloth. You’ll be seeing more of this gourd. Maybe next time she’ll be trying to fly.

On a personal note, yesterday I went back to the opthamologist for a followup, and politely asked for a new doctor that would listen better. The new doctor was great, he listened and looked a lot harder and found that I have pars planitis of the middle eye; “snowballs” of debris blocking my vision – something that’s permanent and basically untreatable. I will have ‘flare ups’ but will hopefully also have periods where it’s fine too. 

I’m actually pretty relieved that it’s just an eye issue – the little bouts of feeling blind while I could see were making me think something much worse was wrong. The doctor called that “after image.”

My vision right now is like looking at a really dirty mirror. So my little flashes of blindness make sense, and I suppose all the glare is because the light is reflecting off the snowballs…

Oh well.