SOLD. Peach Seed

SOLD / “Peach Seed” /6×6 in / oil on linen panel We picked peaches at a fruit farm last weekend… They had a horse and pony for kids to ride, and my son rode both. Fun way to spend the day! And the peaches were delicious.

Playing In The Dirt

Playing In The Dirt / 6 x 8 in /oil on linen I wanted to capture the beets as they come out of the garden – dirt and all. What do you think? Thank you Heidi for giving me these beautiful beets! I’ve been limiting my pallet lately in a new arrangement – ultramarine blue, …

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Portrait artist paints a Reclining Pears

Reclining Pears / 6×6 in / oil on linen/ See Available Paintings These pears were delicious. I have been working on a big painting lately (30×40) with a bunch of kids in it, and I am really excited about how it is turning out. (3372)

“Plums” and “Umbrella”

Above: Plumbs, 6×12″, oil on raw wood.  The colors in the photo aren’t quite right; the plumb color is actually quite nice. Umbrella, 6×6″, oil on wood. I’m starting to enjoy painting pine trees. Here is another pine tree painting.

Window II

“Window II,” 8″ x 6″, oil on wood, Heath brought me a big bouquet a couple days ago, just to be nice! Here they are in a square glass vase, sitting in my window above a red apple. Info about the paintings in the “A Painting A Day” project: Each day I paint, but about every other …

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