Light through the Window, oil painting in progress, Minnesota and South Dakota portrait artists

Space ● SOLD

This painting is very close to done, but still in progress. It’s the time between when a painting seems almost done and when it’s actually done that often takes the most time, for me.

After just finishing a big portrait painting last week (which came out really well, but I forgot to take a photo before handing it off), I wanted to do a painting of my son that is sort of an anti-portrait. He’s reading Calvin and Hobbes while the puppy looks out the window. I’m really happy with how this painting is coming out – with the design and color-shapes; but there are some little things I really want to finesse.

Contact me about a portrait or (anti-portrait).


Portrait artist paints a mom and baby in Piggyback 2 & Goals

I’m working on a watercolor painting (here’s a detail) and really working on the composition. What do you think so far? I had forgotten how much I love watercolor.

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horse paintings by portrait artist

“Riding Out” / 6×6 in / oil on linen / gallery of available figurative paintings

This pony, and the horse from yesterday, were both rescued animals from neglectful situations. They were so sweet and gentle. The pony gave lots of children rides around this Eastern Washington apple and peach orchard.

This one I finished alla prima (wet on wet). So fun! I liked finishing in one sitting so much I may wake up at 3am more often. Making this background so sparse was a huge stretch for me… I’m excited about how it worked.

Thank you so much for the encouragement yesterday, and since I started this blog!

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Portrait artist paints a mom and baby in Holding On

“Holding On” / 6 x 6 in / oil on linen

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This is a man and infant who were standing at the amusement park a couple days ago. I really liked the way he was holding the baby – it looked so intimate. The mom is the purple shape behind them.

I tried to get that nice skin-glow on this one – especially since they were both wearing red, which reflects off of skin so nicely.

Portrait artist paints a dad and baby in “Splash”


SOLD. See available paintings of people here:

This one was really fun. This dad and son look so happy together.Mom Loving Project #9 of 30.

This was my first painting on some fancy linen panels, and it was really nice to work on.



MOM LOVING PROJECT: This is a little different from a commission, as people submitting photos are not necessarily purchasing the paintings. If you want to participate in this project, email me with your photo(s). And if you think (or know) you will want to purchase the painting, please put that information in the email.

I am really excited about my “Mom Loving” portrait project: a series of 30 small paintings (6×6 – 6×8 inches) of moms loving and bonding with (holding, nursing, sleeping with, snuggling, carrying, etc.) their babies and young children. The best paintings will be published as part of an art book in 2011. You can also, optionally, suggest a short statement (around 35 words and/or your name(s)) that you’d like to appear next to the painting when it’s published in the book and on my blog.

Moms / Dads / the person submitting the photo will have the first opportunity (but no obligation) to purchase their painting.

For this project I am looking for candid-looking photos, and especially ones that have good light (outdoors with light from the  side or side/back is best)  and are good enough quality to see some details, and which are taken far enough away that most or all of the mom and child are in the picture. With that said, I’ve received a couple fuzzy and very close up pictures that will work nicely.

These paintings will be in my impressionist / modern realist style. See:

If you’d like to participate and submit photos for this project, email me. If you have several photos from the same time, send them all – that makes it easier to paint. Thanks!

[By submitting a photograph for this project, you’re agreeing that I will own the copyright on my paintings, but of course you will retain the copyright of your photographs.]

Any questions, comments or suggestions appreciated!!

Portrait artist paints a boy sleeping

Here is a sketch of my son sleeping.

Deep Sleep / 6×8 inches / oil painting on wood

I love painting sleeping people! And of course I really love painting my son.

I still need more photos of moms and kids bonding for my Mom Loving project. Please forward / share this post, and email me to share a photo with me. Thanks!

Orcas Island V

“Orcas Island V”
6 in x 8 in, oil on wood
Jessie Rasche

On our last day of vacation we went to the big park on Orcas. You can drive up to the top of the hill/mountain, walk a little ways up a steep incline to a tower on the edge of a cliff, way way up (it was too foggy to see how far up we were), and then climb up to the top of a tower and look out to the end of the earth. I have a slight fear of heights and had an adrenaline overload by the time we got back down to water level. But it was beautiful and magical. The fog rolled in and out, giving the place a mysterious, other-worldly feel. This is a painting of my guys walking ahead of me up to the tower. I wanted to capture that sweet hand-holding.

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Portrait artist paints “Loading the Boat”


“Loading the Boat”
6 x 6 inches, oil on wood

This is a quick sketch of a woman and her dog standing on the dock getting ready to board their boat. It looks pretty abstract but you can see the dog looking into the boat, getting ready for a ride.

The style on this was similar to the loose style I used in the oil painting “Wilt”.

Portrait artist paints dad and son

This painting has turned out to be my best selling print!

I’ve been really frustrated with my paintings this month, and finally realized that my frustrations started when my favorite brush died and I ran out of my good paint.  I’m back in supplies, and feeling much better now! Please wish me luck in getting back into the painting rhythm!