Orcas Island 6

Orcas Island VI / 6×8 in / unframed oil on wood.

I started this one en plein air, on  a really windy day, and finished it indoors. I was sitting on a rocky beach on the roots of a big bleached tree which was protecting me from the wind. In the painting is a beach house, and a couple trees and a picket fence. I wanted to capture the wind-blown feeling of those trees, and the lovely effect of the sunlight on the house.(#3323)

Orcas Island

“Orcas Island” / 6 in x 8 in, oil on wood / $180

We stayed in a bungalow (Buckhorn Farm Bungalow) last week on Orcas Island, in the San Juan Islands. It was really beautiful and relaxing, and I got in a couple of plein air paintings. This is a shed on the farm we stayed at with huge evergreen trees behind it and a fence to the left that surrounded a garden.

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Neighbor’s Trees II

Neighbor’s Trees II / approx 18×12 in / oil on wood / $500 / contemporary black wood frame

These are my neighbor’s trees. I started this a long time ago and then let it sit in an almost-done state for months. When I was getting ready for my show I had an aha moment, and knew how to finish it.
I’m really happy with the loose quality, the colors, and these are my best sky-holes so far.

“Sailboats” and “Big Ship”

“Sailboats” and “Big Ship” / 12×12 in / oil on canvas / painted edges, ready to hang

250-flag-painting-a-day 250-bigboat-painting-a-day

Hi everyone, I’m back and have several paintings in works. I’m working on some larger paintings for an upcoming show (more about that when it gets closer). These three are all 12×12, oil on deep-stretched canvas.

Portrait artist paints a Dappled Light


Dappled Light / 8×6 in / oil on wood  / See Available Landscape Paintings

This is an old, plain little bird house hanging in our back yard. I really like looking at this bird house – it always makes me smile, and I’ve been wanting to paint it for a while. Approx 6×8″, oil paint on board. (I’m using nice oak plywood, primered on one side – should I be calling this “board” or “wood” or something else?)(#3278)

Landscape paintings of my Neighbor’s Pine Trees

Neighbor’s Pine Trees / approx 12×6 in / oil on hardboard

I have been admiring these very tall pine trees since we moved in, and enjoyed painting them in the late afternoon light yesterday.

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