Snow Cow painting – landscape painting by Jessie Rasche

Snow Cows / oil on wood / approx 12 x 20 in. / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / Love It guarantee

This is a painting of a snowy landscape in central Washington, halfway between Seattle and Spokane off I-90. There are some cows grazing and standing close to each other. Because it was snowy and overcast, the whole scene was washed out with a beautiful warm blue-grey.

I started this painting right over the top of an old painting ‘start’ that I’d set aside, and sketched in the trees and cows right over it. I thought about using  blue or grey for the sketch, since the scene is so monochromatic. But I decided I wanted there to be some excitement, so I sketched in the darker shapes with dark red. You can see evidence of that in the pinkish color around the edges of the trees. After that I focused on getting the colors and values right, and trying to get the depth and the feeling of the day. I love painting washed out snow scenes.  I’d love to read your thoughts.

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Red Barn

Red Barn / 6×8 in / oil on linen /

I love driving around rural farm areas, especially on beautiful overcast or foggy days. Lately my son and I have “chased the fog” a few mornings – where we see where the fog is and where it ends. Super fun stuff! This scene is between us and the rollerskating rink and bowling alley.

Tony Moffitt just wrote a review of my artwork on his Artist Blog Critique web site. Thank you Tony!

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Peach Tree – a landscape oil painting by Jessie Rasche

Peach Tree / 6×6 in / oil on linen

This painting of a peach tree shows one of the many trees at the U-Pick farm. We went a few weeks ago, but the peaches weren’t ready yet… But my son got to ride a horse and a pony, so it was worth the drive.

I think this is one of my best paintings so far. I’m so happy with this little painting that I’m planning to do a really big one of the same subject.

Oncoming Traffic

Oncoming Traffic / 6 x 6 in / oil on linen

With this painting I infused all of the colors with Cerulean Blue for color harmony. I’ve been trying out different color combinations lately, and with this one I didn’t use my ultramarine blue at all… I usually use that when I mix black, but for this painting, I think cerulean blue made a fine ‘black.’

I tried to get the effect of the car lights shining, and of atmospheric perspective on the tree-covered hill / mountain in the background…

cow painting called Snow Cow

Snow Cow / 9×12 in / oil on canvas

Hi everyone, I have been working on several portraits, and the one that is finished may show in the 20 under 40 show at Tinman gallery (Spokane) in Feb, so I’m keeping it un-posted…

Anyways, for a mental break from all that, I painted this cow standing in the snow. I loved the atmospheric effect of the scene, and the silhouette of this solitary cow. The colors of snow is my favorite part of this snowy winter…

As always, comments are appreciated.


Road To La Grande – landscape painting by Jessie Rasche

Road to La Grande / 36×24 / oil on canvas / see my gallery of available paintings / inquire

My son and my mom and her dogs and I went for several walks ‘on the mountain,’ and every time we drove back down I was taken by this scene with a barn-house and these beautiful colors.

I did a fair amount of rearranging elements for artistic reasons – mostly in the mountains. I am really happy with the design elements in this painting – the receding green-blue-aqua-blue violet colors as well as the bare land that repeats in the foreground and on that first mountain. I am really happy with this painting!landscape oil painting by J Rasche

View from Mt Emily – landscape painting

View from Mt Emily / 24×36 in / oil painting on canvas

While we were visiting my mom, she took us up to a walking path on Mt Emily several times. It was beautiful up there – especially when looking down on the valley below. My son ran and ran on the trail and could have kept on running the trail all day…

I love the way grasslands on the Eastern side of Oregon and Washington turn somewhere between red and green in certain months. Can you see the little bits of town right at the bottom of the mountain?

Please let me know your comment.

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge in Green / 12 x 16 in / oil on stretched canvas

Above and below are two landscape paintings from Rattlesnake Ridge with very different color schemes. We love to troops around there (rather carefully around the rocks).

Sun on Spring Trees / 6×8 in / oil on wood

I took a break from my big paintings today to do this landscape painting. I was trying to figure out the color scheme of this spring/winter scene. The sky is yellow in the painting – it doesn’t come through in the photo.