Enjoying the Waves

“Enjoying the Waves” 30 x 40 inches, oil on canvas. Contact me for information. You’ve probably noticed that I really enjoy painting birds. Painting the Scoters was harder than painting crows or geese, for some reason. These birds are just having a good time floating around. I guess they’re surfers. I’ve been seeing a lot …

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Migration, bird painting by portrait artist

Migration / 20×24 in / oil painting on canvas / $700 This winter has been really mild, and geese have been flocking south for months. The flocks have been huge and talkative, too. Here is one of the large paintings that I recently finished (20 in x 24 in). This one looks more like a …

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Walrus by portrait artist

“Walrus in Blue” pallet knife painting 6 x 9 inches, oil on canvas paper, contact me to inquire I’m working on my colors this week – specifically my color harmony. Here’s a monochromatic painting of a mother and baby walrus. Here’s the closest thing to a monochromatic painting I’ve done before this, besides my abstract …

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