New Pear Painting

Not yet titled (suggestions welcome!), 8×10 in, oil on canvas, not yet available.

I’m so happy with how this turned out! I’m hanging onto it so I can reflect on what I like while I’m painting tomorrow…

And here’s my little setup. I’m using construction paper for some color in the background.

On a side note, you can see that everything is on a table. I set it up that way so that it would be easy to film for my workshops. But my goal for this year is to get green and healthy, and I feel healthier standing up! So I’ll be making a setup that’s at eye level while standing and adjusting my workshop filming stuff accordingly.

Have a great day!

Blue Eyes print is gorgeous! Portrait sketches, and News too.

I just got two wrapped prints of Blue Eyes. One is already with a collector in it’s permanent home. The other is displayed at Cottonwood. They look really nice! (That’s a huge relief.)

It’s one foot wide and 16″ tall, and it feels substantial. Click here to see more about this giclee print on canvas.

On another note, I got to start an oil sketch of a new model, who is quite lovely and nice to paint. Here’s my favorite sliver of the painting / sketch. I’m going to paint her again on Tuesday. (And I’ll get a couple hours with a mom and daughter model team tomorrow!)

There are so many paintings percolating in my head right now!! Paintings of Yellowstone Park are bubbling to the top. I’m really excited to see them come together.


News – I taught a travel sketching workshop a week ago, and it was sooo fun! If you’d be interested in the notes, just let me know.

More news – I’ll be teaching an oil painting workshop at BAC in October.

And MORE news – I’m doing occasional web sites for artists and other entrepreneurs.

I’m not taking on more than one web site client a month, so that I keep the majority of my time for my own art (and art business). There seem to be a lot of entrepreneurs who want some help putting their sites together (or fixing them up), and for me it’s nice to keep my toes in technology. I think using lots of different parts of the brain just helps the art. 🙂 Let me know if you’d like more info about the web stuff.

Thanks for your interest in my art! 

Best Wishes, 

Summer, Gallery news, and Ideas!

Gold Town | Available

We’re enjoying the last week of summer break with a whirlwind trip including buffalo, beaches, Thai food, Vietnamese food, a wedding & family reunion, a ferry ride, and an eclipse.

My eyes are dancing with so many ideas for new paintings, and once again it will be the editing down of ideas that will be the hardest. In the next few months you will be seeing paintings of a national park and more!

I am excited to announce that Gold Town will be in print next month! More information about that to follow. This little painting is beautifully framed, and has been adding cheer to my studio-gallery wall.

landscape paintings, brookings sd
The Tree and the Tower | Sold

Also, I want to thank a gallery in Minneapolis for several recent sales. Thank you, Art Resources Gallery!

And thank you so much to the collectors who love my work enough to spend your hard earned money on it. I hope you feel appreciated!

Warm Regards,

Horse Art & Brookings Arts Council

horse art, equine paintings, by rasche

I just took this horse painting down to Brookings Arts Council. It’s all framed up and lovely.

horse painting, by Rasche

Trio I am excited to deliver because I feel like the brush quality and level of abstraction is exactly where I want to be as an artist.

This painting will be available for purchase through BAC during the show, and giclee prints and canvas prints are available through me.


I’ve spent the last week completely filling up our local coffee shop with about 20 abstract paintings (and have gotten a lot of positive feedback – thank you!), and now I plan to take a few new landscapes to the South Dakota Art Museum. I’m feeling like I have a good local presence right now!

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Tiny Treasures

Small & Tiny Representational Paintings. Oil paintings from 5? square (tangerines and violets) to 6×8? (landscapes on left). These are on flat panel and ready to frame (except the yellow roses which is on deep wrapped canvas and ready to hang unframed). Email me to inquire about any of them. (Note: The pink rose, bottom center, has sold and shipped to Canada.)


The fancy rooster on the blue background is available. 16×12? on 3/4? studio wrapped canvas.  Can be hung as they are or framed. Email me to inquire.

Update on abstract works – I’ve filled up the local coffee shop with abstract works. If you’re in Brookings, you can see them at Cottonwood. Many of these works will be available for auction starting at the end of the week. To get updates about abstract work, either Email me or sign up here:

Teal Crescent (these are very reflective and difficult to photograph. The darker top and lighter bottom is just reflection).



These tiny paintings are on flat panel, and are ready to frame. They have a shiny coating, and a varied, textural surface.


Nearest Neighbors has Sold, and Prints Are Here!

Nearest Neighbors
 has sold through Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis. Thanks!

I’m trying to make my print store great. If you have time to stop by and tell me what you think, it would really help me out! I’ll be adding prints for the next few weeks. If there is a painting of mine that you would like to see as a Giclée print, let me know! Having prints made increases the value of the original painting, so it’s a win-win for collectors. I’d love your thoughts!

Yellow Light, and Minneapolis Art Gallery wall space

Yellow Light is a very pretty little painting that has been brightening my studio. I’ve been thinking of making large giclee prints of it. I just feel like that would be a happy thing. If that sounds great, let me know. Anyone who expresses interest early will get a nice little gift in the mail when they purchase a print. 🙂


The folks at Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis were nice enough to send me a photo of my wall space. Aren’t the frames gorgeous? I’m curious if anyone on my mailing list is in the Minneapolis area and has been in there?

Winner announced, and Island View bird painting

The winner of the small painting is Dodie C.

To claim your prize, just email me. Shipping’s included in the prize. It’s one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

And for everyone else, thanks so much for being on my mailing list. If I can ever be of service, or if you would like some personalized help finding the right painting for you, just let me know. I’m here for you.

landscape paintings of ferry boat, washington

Here’s another painting that has not yet been added to my web site. Just email me if interested. Those birds are looking out at Edmond’s Washington. What a view!

Island View
12×12 inches with deep sides, ready to hang unframed (or frame, if you prefer).

Sailing Away, available – and Free Shipping week!

Sailing Away, 11×14″. This painting was a sketch idea for a larger painting, but I think it came out well and holds it’s own as a painting.

Free shipping all week! To take advantage of that, just email me with which painting you are interested in, and I’ll send you an invoice sans shipping.

Here are a couple of the available paintings:

horse art, equine paintings, by rasche

Trio, 11×14″, ready to frame

Pipestone National Park, 11×14″, simply framed award-winning painting.

Blue Skies, 48×60″, ready to hang unframed, available.

flower paintings, by Rasche
Dancing Ladies, 5×5″, ready to frame.

Other news: My abstract art website is up and running! If you check it out, I’d love your feedback.