Campanile, Brookings, SDSU. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

This is “Campanile on a clear March day” (Can you suggest a better name?). For some reason this painting isn’t photographing well. The trees are very dark and have a lot of red in them, and the snow a cool color. I’ll try again later for a better photo.  That person walking looked to me like a teacher on their way to teach class.

I’m planning a whole series of that building in different weather and light, as part of a painting journal of Brookings, SD, which I’m hoping to publish into a book when I make enough of them. The paintings will be at SD Art Museum as soon as they’re framed up.


The second painting is a Afternoon Stroll getting boxed up and shipped out (Thanks Janet!). I really like that painting. I’m going to keep trying at that idea.


Cow Clouds looked very lovely framed, and also shipped out yesterday (Thanks Ann!). I forgot to take a picture of it framed up, though. I received a lot of great feedback / compliments about this painting, and am really excited about how it turned out.


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