Blue Eyes print is gorgeous! Portrait sketches, and News too.

I just got two wrapped prints of Blue Eyes. One is already with a collector in it’s permanent home. The other is displayed at Cottonwood. They look really nice! (That’s a huge relief.)

It’s one foot wide and 16″ tall, and it feels substantial. Click here to see more about this giclee print on canvas.

On another note, I got to start an oil sketch of a new model, who is quite lovely and nice to paint. Here’s my favorite sliver of the painting / sketch. I’m going to paint her again on Tuesday. (And I’ll get a couple hours with a mom and daughter model team tomorrow!)

There are so many paintings percolating in my head right now!! Paintings of Yellowstone Park are bubbling to the top. I’m really excited to see them come together.


News – I taught a travel sketching workshop a week ago, and it was sooo fun! If you’d be interested in the notes, just let me know.

More news – I’ll be teaching an oil painting workshop at BAC in October.

And MORE news – I’m doing occasional web sites for artists and other entrepreneurs.

I’m not taking on more than one web site client a month, so that I keep the majority of my time for my own art (and art business). There seem to be a lot of entrepreneurs who want some help putting their sites together (or fixing them up), and for me it’s nice to keep my toes in technology. I think using lots of different parts of the brain just helps the art. 🙂 Let me know if you’d like more info about the web stuff.

Thanks for your interest in my art! 

Best Wishes, 

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