Whirlwind adventure

About two weeks ago while getting ready to fly to North Carolina for PACE (the Plein Air Convention and Expo), I slipped on the stairs and broke my laptop screen (and likely fractured my tailbone).  A couple days later I was on my way to NC (with a special cushion and some Advil). I went to PACE as …

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Frame Refresh

I have a collection of imperfect frames that I’ve collected over the last couple decades, and I’ve started the process of refreshing them to make lovely custom frames for a few pieces! I’ve started off with half a dozen frames that don’t look gorgeous on their faces, but have lots of potential to be floating …

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Fall Color Love

This painting celebrates the fall tree colors. It was based very loosely on a source photo I took close to home in South Dakota, and then became an abstract landscape. The paint was thickly applied with a palette knife. Since I was playing with so many fall colors right next to each other, I used a …

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Painting close to home

Some days I just want to paint right outside, close to lunch and a bathroom, not losing any travel time…. Here’s a close-up of the texture on this one. Dancing Clouds, 9×12″, oil on linen

Studio Greening – closer to solvent free

I’m closer to being solvent-free. This painting was created with a wash of water-mixable oil underpainting and a straight tube paint on top… I’m going to be experimenting with more water mixable paint, and maybe some acrylic paint… Want to join the conversation? Comment below.